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Expeditionary Entrepreneurship Disaster Readiness & Response

Tactivate takes an entrepreneurial approach to proactive whole community disaster readiness and to rapid international disaster response and economic stability operations.   

  • Proactive readiness and business continuity solutions 

  • Emergency response logistics

  • Local capacity building in impacted regions 

  • Real-time strategic partnership formation between response efforts

  • Economic stability through indigenous capacity building

  • Last mile operations 

  • Facilitation of DOD, NGO, Government and local organizational collaboration  

  • Rapid emergency communication systems deployment 

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Disaster Readiness 

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” - Benjamin Franklin


While not conducting reactive disaster response operations, Tactivate focuses on cultivating “whole community readiness” through entrepreneurial initiatives intended to socialize the concept, skills, technology and mindset of proactive emergency preparedness.

Tactivate works with local businesses, communities and municipalities to decrease the need for, and reliance on external aid in times of emergency. For every $1 spent on proactive readiness $6 are saved on recovery spend. We help implement the solutions and systems to make your group proactive and ready instead of reactive and dependent in times of need. 

Disaster Response

In the aftermath of large-scale disasters, Tactivate rapidly deploys hybrid teams of Special Operations veterans, entrepreneurs and first response subject matter experts.


Teams work across resource communities from the DoD, Federal agencies, local government, the UN and international NGOs to de-silo efforts, provide ground truth and to bring strategic support to those most capable of having true impact: local entrepreneurs and small last mile organizations in impacted areas. By bridging the top-down with a bottom-approach, both short, and long-term sustainable recovery efforts are facilitated. 

More on our approach

Tactivate whole communit readiness

Changing the aid paradigm from top-down to bottom-up

Conventional aid often undercuts local economies and floods impacted regions with supplies and expertise available locally. This dynamic creates dependency and prevents effective recovery. Tactivate operates in humanitarian assistance and disaster response environments to change this dynamic. These external resources are critical, but can be deployed in a more advantageous manner.




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