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Tequila and Tourniquets with Team Rubicon Global

Tactivate hosted a Tequila and Tounriquets class with Team Rubicon Global at Logan Exchange in Washington DC.

Its incredibly rewarding to learn the skills and how to use the tools required to take care of yourself and others in times of emergency. Tequila & Tourniquets is a fun laid back event where you will learn the basics of how to handle wound care from the best in the world at dealing with trauma: military veterans and professional responders.

The event taught members from the community ranging from startup entrepreneurs to real-estate professionals the basic premise behind the use of a tourniquet and what to keep in an emergency medical kit. To ensure levity and for good measure cocktails flowed resulting in a whole new breed of social hour.

Tactivate cultivates and applies expertise, operating principals and strategies from the military Special Operations veteran and international disaster response communities to the rapid activation of spaces and creative ventures. A primary focus is developing fun ways to teach emergency readiness, resiliency and medical skills through creative training sessions and events.

Team Rubicon Global provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. Learn how you can support our efforts to build a global veteran community that provides assistance to disaster victims.

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