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Emergency Readiness as a social imperative

This article was originally drafted for and published in USA Today on March 22nd

It's a simple shift in perspective: dependent liability or ready proactive resource? When a disaster strikes, which camp one falls into is a matter of choice. We have been conducting disaster response, recovery and economic stability operations around the world for the past decade. From the Philippines to Haiti and from Puerto Rico to Panama we have been integrally involved with all facets of recovery and stability efforts. Our greatest takeaway from all of our exposure: more often than not, impacted areas have all of the resources and capabilities needed to actuate their own response initiatives. All that is required is a little strategic support and a mentality shift. The bottom line - tight communities, small businesses and local entrepreneurial actors and organizations are the greatest resources in times of disaster as long as they take the initiative. Those that proactively prepare and that are “ready” are truly “resilient” in every sense of the word and become critical resources to their respective community. Those that don't become dependents and liabilities. Read more

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