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TEDx the Panamanian jungle and Pararescue

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Over New Years Tactivate will be running a course in Panama for The TEDx Jungle Adventure hosted at Kalu Yala, a progressive off the grid community development project.

What does a former US Air force combat search and rescue specialist, a survival escape resistance and evasion instructor, a highly customized medical – survival kit and a hybrid hammock-tent have to do with the social impact entrepreneurial community? Everything.

Luigge Romanillo is one of Tactivate’s instructors and is a former US Airforce Pararescueman – our military’s most elite combat search and rescue specialists. He is also the founder of a start-up called ADPATAGEAR. Amongst designing training courses and equipment for the special operations community, Luigge has expressed an interest in designing products for the civilian entrepreneurial market after being exposed to the demographic at a previous Tactivate event. As one of Tactivates collaboration partners we are getting behind his initiative to help bring his venture to life.

For the Panama event Luigge has developed an elegantly simple but comprehensive med-kit designed to be an every day carry (EDC) solution for the entrepreneur, humanitarian worker or road warrior that is interested in being just a little more prepared. Being self sufficient and able to care for yourself and those around you is no longer a fringe and or “extremist” concept. The Tactivate team is excited to be working with Luigge to create solutions and training to impart the ideas of situational awareness, medical savvy and resiliency skills to those who enjoy living life closer to the tip of the spear be it in business or adventure. The TEDx attendees are going to come away with a few simple skills and a new level of awareness that may come in handy one day in practical application but that will absolutely impact how they think about running their businesses or driving their initiatives.

Another Portfolio company of Tactivate, Alpine Hammock will be present in Panama. The founder has developed a hybrid hammock that can also be used as a standalone bivy sack (a small single man tent style shelter). For those of us who travel on the lighter side or into remote / hostile environments we know the importance of shelter. Hammocks have always been a great solution unless you cant find something to hang them from or find yourself above tree-line. With Alpine Hammocks solution that is no longer an issue. While the founder is not prior military but a former DoD contractor, his brother is currently an active duty US Navy SEAL and Tactivate aims to assist not only veteran run businesses but those started by veterans families as well – especially when the veteran is a major product tester!

See you in Panama and Merry Christmas.

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