Our Team

The Tactivate team is composed of elite Special Operations veterans and experienced business leaders.

Jesse Levin


Founder, Active Collaborative Workspace

Co-Founder, Brooklyn Boulders

Director of Operations

Luigge Romanillo

Prior Air Force, Pararescueman

Sefra Levin

Directress of Expeditions

Founder, Puddys

Co-Host, SpartanUP! The Podcast

Mathew Griffin


Prior Army Ranger

Matt Talbot


Prior Air Force, Pararescueman

Chris Klaftenegger


Prior Air Force, Pararescueman

Co-Founder, Combat Flipflops


Matt Sutterfield

SERE Instructor


Vilas Dhar

Lou Haack

Legal Counsel

Co-founder, Dhar Law

Prior Air Force Pararescue CMSgt

Harvard Gleitsman Fellow on Social Change

Dan Rayburn

Tech Guru and Chief Instigator

Anthony Sandberg

The Captain

Colonel Tim Nye

Media Relations 

Former Director of Public Affairs for Joint Special Operations Command

Marc Fiorito

Head of photography

Prior Air Force

EVP Streamingmedia.com 

Founder, OCSC Sailing

Founder, Gamma Nine

Our Values


The essence of resiliency is the ability to endure uncertainty and to thrive in the face of adversity.

Whether in the field or in the office, being fully aware of the team in relation to the surroundings and environmental mood is imperative to operational success.

Have the capacity to rapidly adapt, overcome, and follow through to the objective despite adverse conditions and unpredictable circumstances.


Developing the skillset and frame of mind to maintain equilibrium in times of heightened stress and pressure will gives an edge over competition.


Possessing the knowledge and skills to thrive in survival scenarios instills a sense of confidence that affects every facet of life from business to relationships. 

A team that operates humbly and without ego will be more successful.

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