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Tactivate HQ is home to select Miami entrepreneurs, military Special Operations Veterans and small business owners that demand flexibility and want a more unconventional working environment. Located at 7101 Biscayne Blvd , Tactivate is Miami’s only military Veteran­ launched and managed creative office space that offers flexible, month ­to ­month leases and the ability to learn about emergency medicine and lock picking during a lunch break. 




Co­located office space with military - Special Operations Veterans 

Flexible short ­term and month to month options

Hardwood floors and murals by local artists

Rooftop patio and organic herb garden 

Conference room access

-Color printer, fax, scanner wifi and keyless entry

Showers and full kitchen 

Floor ­to ­ceiling windows

24 hour access

Gated parking



Whether you’re looking for a small office to start your company or a base of operations for your business, Tactivate HQ has creative space for you.  Named after training 

locations for Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Air Force Pararescue, and other elite veterans, our 

offices range in size from 60 to 100 sqft. 

Available Upon Request: 

­Furnishings and Decorations ($200) 

­Gated parking ($50)

60, 80 and 100 sqft options

Price from $399 to $1,200 + good vibes



At Tactivate HQ, we have created a mutually beneficial working space filled with combat 

veterans and Miami based entrepreneurs. Here are some of the innovators who you might find 

roaming the halls.

Courtney Wilson

Courtney is a former Army Captain, graduate of Wellesley College, and combat veteran. She also took the lead on launching Tactivate HQ into the world.  She has an obsessive love of color coded Excel spreadsheets, chocolate chip cookies and her 8 lb dog, MollzBallz who is more cat than dog.  Her favorite holiday is 4th of July because she can wear red glitter shoes and call it patriotism. 

Her morning alarm is “All I Do is Win” and her favorite quote is “Somebody might beat me, but they’ll have to bleed to do it.”  A delicate flower, she is not.


Safra Levin

Jesse Levin

Sefra is the Chieftess of Hospitality and Expeditions with Tactivate. She also is the founder of Puddys, a pop-up luxury tent camp built at Spartan Race World Headquarters in Vermont. She enjoyed makings Sir. Richard Branson tea all summer and is a Co-Host on the SpartanUp the Podcast.  


Jesse is a Babson College graduate and Cultural Chameleon who is more at home drinking cane rum

and applying his trade with farmers in the rural countryside of Panama than the urban streets of Miami. He is a lover 

of swinging in a hammock in disaster zones for “vacation” and building community for projects like pop­up bars in Aspen to large scale climbing gym and innovation spaces across the country. he delights in being guided by his spirit animal, a slightly overweight and somewhat perverse sweat­band wearing hampster named Chuck and is currently 100% focused on meshing the military Special Operations Veteran and entrepreneurial communities.


Jordan Suppan

Jordan Suppan is the guy “in loafers” walking around Tactivate HQ. Before he lost his Australian accent he was a lot cooler. He makes the numbers work, and is involved in real estate investment in Miami and Latin America.


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