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Our military Special Operations Veterans are among our nation's greatest untapped entrepreneurial assets. Jimmy Petrolia, retired US Air Force Pararescueman is living proof of this.


On Veterans Day November 11th 2015, Jimmy will attempt to break two wingsuit skydiving world records by jumping out of a plane at over 30,000’. He is making the attempt to raise funds and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), an organization that exists to support the children of Special Operations Forces that have fallen in the line of duty.


As an organization, we are humbled for the opportunity to support such an incredible individual and cause.






We are a small, physical community and are consciously not big on social media. But here are some ways you can get involved:


To make a donation to the SOWF: CLICK HERE!


Want to go all in? Join us between November 9th and 11th outside of Napa for a two day event to watch the record attempt, jump out of a plane at 24,000’ for a tandem HALO skydive and to train with the Tactivate team: JOIN US!


We don’t really ever Tweet but for good measure: @Tactivate, #TactivateHalo


Photos from the event: 

Tactivate HALO Wingsuit World Record Attempt For The Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Jimmy Petrolia USAF PF at 37,000'
24,000' HALO kit
Tactivate HALO
GammaNine and Tactivate
Jimmy Petrolia post record attempt
Tactivate Gear
Tactivate HALO HQ
Dinner with Advisors
Closing out the night
Tactivate movement training
Jimmy's support team and fellow unit
TCCC training

Thanks to those who have stepped up in a big way to support this initiative:

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