Special operations veterans are among our nations greatest untapped entrepreneurial assets. They are highly effective innovators who routinely lead teams of soldiers through logistically complex and physically demanding scenarios. We believe that their resiliency, adaptability, and communication skills are just as applicable to the startup world as they are in combat situations.


Our custom-tailored programs, led by the Special Operators themselves, are a hybrid of physically rigorous field exercises and tactical strategic thinking scenarios aimed to teach entrepreneurs how to run their startups like a small tactical unit. By helping to design and run these courses, our veterans are armed with the know-how necessary to repurpose their skills for entrepreneurship and are empowered to build strong connections with like-minded leaders in the private sector. In this way, our courses are designed to be two-way knowledge exchange platforms to benefit the entrepreneur and veteran equally.


We believe that integrating these two worlds provides an extraordinary opportunity for mutually beneficial impact and growth.


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These six values are the keystone of Tactivate and characterize the principles instilled in all of our programs.


Tactivate events are designed to instill entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to run their teams and businesses with the efficiency and effectiveness of an elite military unit.


The Tactivate team is composed of elite Special Operations veterans and experienced business leaders.