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New Venture Launch and Consultancy

We apply the efficiency and rigor of disaster response and military special operations to the rapid activation of physical spaces and creative ventures through the cultivation of collaborative communities and strategic partnership formation.​

A congruent aspect of our private sector work is creatively weaving the notions of emergency readiness, situational awareness and preparedness into the core fabric of our teams and customers DNA. We use entrepreneurial ventures to promote the power and independence that is derived from being prepared to help your community in time of need.  

  • Branding, language and PR strategy

  • Pop-up campaign conception and execution

  • New market penetration, community cultivation and activation (Hearts and Minds)

  • Strategic partnership formation

  • New market opportunity and location scouting

  • Creative campaign ideation

  • Internal management and team cultural advisory

  • Incorporating Special Operations talent and culture into your business

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Tactivate has applied its methodology to a diverse set of projects from creating hybrid climbing gyms and innovation centers to breaking world records, launching nightclubs and tent camps.


Military Special Operations and international disaster response practices have a lot to do with business.

Successful disaster response and military operations require rapid action, aggressive creativity, empathy, and an ability to communicate and work in culturally diverse and trying environments.


Tactivate brings practices and experts from these spheres with these capabilities to new venture launch and consultancy services. From the rapid activation of a project in a disaster stricken environment or a neighborhood in an emerging market, our team’s design process, methodologies and approach to rapid community building and project execution have been applied to a diverse range of challenges and ventures.

A look at how the worlds of Special Operations, disaster response and start-ups fit together.


Feel free to reach out if you are interested in our new venture and space activation efforts.

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