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Tactivate combines expertise and operating principals from the military Special Operations veteran, first response and entrepreneurial ecosystems  to proactively ready individuals businesses and communities to thrive collectively in unconventional circumstances.  

Deploying entrepreneurs and Special Operations veterans in disasters and business

When you combine military Special Operations veterans and disaster response experts with a seasoned venture hardened team of experience designers, installation artists, hospitality gurus, bootstrap entrepreneurs, and cultural experts, there is little that can't be achieved in short order despite the operating environment or challenge on hand.  

New Venture Launch

  • Physical Space Activation
  • Community Cultivation

Disaster Response

  • Cultural Mediation
  • Last Mile Capacity Building
  • Crisis Logistics

Special Operations Innovation


Cultivating capacity in a disaster zone to execute effective response and recovery operations is akin to launching a startup. Disparate groups need to be brought together quickly to address challenges with minimal resources. The same teams we deploy to solve challenges in disasters we put to work to reimagine how new ventures are launched, partnerships are formed and proactive readiness and emergency business continuity strategies are implemented for our clients. 

In disasters Tactivate deploys funds from these activities to support expeditionary entrepreneurial capabilities to conduct proactive whole of community emergency readiness, response, and economic stability operations prior to and in the aftermath of large-scale emergencies around the world.       

The Readiness Collective

Readiness is a discipline and practice that must be cultivated no differently than diet and exercise. Preparedness can not be purchased in a kit but requires education and community. The greatest adventure is being capable of service to someone in time of need. The Readiness Collective (TRC), Tactivate's most recent project, is an adventure readiness training club, gear gallery and outfitter located in one of the newest malls in America in Norwalk CT. Intentionally launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, the physical space is designed to de-stigmatize  "readiness" and to offer a welcoming and engaging place to bring experts and community members together to train and connect to become collectively more capable of service to self, family and community.  

Eastern Europe Operations

The team has been active in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe for the past year working lines of effort ranging from trauma training program development, tactical medical training to emergency business continuity and crises logistics. With a team of twenty + full time dedicated team members, the operational footprint spans six countries. 

Puerto Rico Response

This video demonstrates the approach Tactivate takes to identifying, supporting and amplifying local last mile capacity to solve challenges in disaster zones. Solutions are deployed that solve acute challenges while putting future proof systems in place to change the local dynamic from reactionary and dependent to proactively ready for future emergencies. In the aftermath of hurricane Maria Tactivate formed a multidisciplinary working group that turned a $33k investment into $4M in local economic stimulus while solving food and water security issues.   

Award Winning Doc

An award winning documentary, The Seeds We Sow, filmed by Mike Atwood of The MadCap Project. The film features three lines of effort that focus on optimistic perspectives and solutions to community readiness in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Tactivate was one of three projects documented. The film took best Documentary and a number of other awards from the Enfoque and Rincon Film Festivals in 2019. All awards listed on

Our Values

Current & Previous Projects

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